One day, I was crying on the inside, I had this coding project that was due in 5 hours that I hadn't finished, but it was all my fault; I could not focus and kept procrastinating.

That is why we made the app, "Phocus," to help students focus on doing homework, pay attention in class, reckless drivers to discipline themselves, and parents to control their children's access to other apps in the phone. Phocus is an app that will significantly boost users' productivity, promote public safety, and provide ease-of-mind to worried parents.

The app features a timer. When the timer starts, the user will be restricted to opening other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. A streak is kept that shows how many minutes the user has used the app. However, if the user chooses to stop in case of emergency or because of distraction, they will lose half of the streak and will receive a shaming message. If the time is up, a success message and the streak will show up.

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