Snooze You Lose

Rohan Jhunjhunwala & Nick Villano

Waking up is difficult, especially after a sleepless weekend at PennApps! Now everyone can capitalize on those challenging morning hours. With Snooze You Lose, you are rewarded when you wake up on time and when you hit snooze. Every time you hit snooze, the clock donates one of your dollars to a charitable organization near to your heart. The device is a true example of a win-win situation. If you wake up on time you save money. If you are late for work, at least you can say it was because of your good morals.

The clock features an adjustable 24-hour clock and alarm with up to the second accuracy. The alarm can be toggled on and off and with only five buttons the controls are simple and easy to learn. The clock also has a display stand that will look amazing in any room.

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