Being upperclass undergrads, we're interested in what opportunities we can pursue post-school. We all know a handful of companies based on the everyday usage of their products or from word of mouth but just those factors alone isn't enough to make a well informed decision. We wanted to create a tool that had more information such as location, pay, and weather.

What it does

Grep Jobs is a tool to visualize the job market. The user provides Grep Jobs a job title and a location where Grep Jobs then returns a map visualizing where the jobs are. We are using different data sources to poll in additional information for the jobs such as the company's net worth and the average weather. Grep Jobs is meant to help people make inform decisions when deciding on their next career step.

How we built it

The frontend uses Vue.js, React.js, and WebGL. Vue and React power the UI while WebGL allows us to create performant maps with thousands of data points.

To get the job information, we wrote scrapers for LinkedIn and Indeed since both websites did not have APIs for job listings.

The backend is written in Flask which is hosted on Hasura.

Challenges I ran into

One of our biggest challenges we ran into was taking the large data set that we scraped from different job sites and organizing it while locating where these jobs came from. Putting that large database online in an organized manner was a tough job.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Grep Jobs

Our goal is to expand the search to more than just tech related jobs and across the world next. We want to build a big enough size of data to show a more accurate representation of jobs in the world. We'd also love to add a job over time feature to show how jobs have changed location throughout the years.

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