HackGile is a tool that brings the Agile Workflow to hackathons

Our tools lets your team create sprints, assign tasks, and organize your team as you break your hackthon project down into byte-sized pieces.


A lot of the time, it can be hard staying organized during hackathons. So we thought that bringing in the Agile workflow would ease some of the struggle when it comes to who's doing what


We used a lot of cool technology during this hackathon. We're running a WAMP stack, letting us use PHP for our back-end, and Javascript for out front-end. We used Materialize to style our front-end, giving it that sleek, Material UI look.

What's Next

There are so many opportunities for HackGile. Besides just using it as a workflow tool, it has the capability of supporting proof-of-work blockchain for teams as they confirm the work their colleagues have completed.

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