How often have you started at the 100th LaTeX-compiled presentation and realised... It's just not very fun! We decided that education should above all be fun, and we were going to start bringing back with good old fashioned GIFs.

What it does

Taking a link to a Google Docs Spreadsheet, the app does sentiment analysis on the text present in the slides, as well as the pictures, and uses the most important words it finds in order to find relevant GIFs. It then presents a list of the 9 best GIFs, and the user can chose which GIFs they would like to add to their presentation. The app gives the opportunity to add a GIF to any slide of a presentation, or indeed every single one!

How we built it

Clarifai and IBM Watson for the sentiment analysis on picture and text, respectively, GIPHY for finding relevant GIFs, and a webapp made in Flask, all hold together by way too much python.

Challenges we ran into

Google is very keen on not letting people insert GIFs into other people's presentations... And takes it a bit too far! Much time lost waiting for authorisation tokens and staring at denied requests!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to put together an app that works very much like we imagined it, combining quite a few different technologies.

What we learned

There really is a python API for everything.

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