With many classes being held online this semester, we noticed that we were getting a lot of links to class resources and lectures and it was hard keeping an organized system to keep track of them all. As a solution to this problem, we were inspired to make Lightbulb. Lightbulb helps to make online learning more organized and accessible for all students.

What it does

Lightbulb acts as a one-stop organizer for all resources and links that a student needs to be successful and keep their online college experience organized. Think of Lightbulb as the cross between Discord and Notion but specifically made for students. In Lightbulb, students will find two main sections: one for classes and the other for personal use. Within the class section, students will be able to access their class channels which each contain all the resources needed for that particular class in addition to basic information about the class itself. For the personal section of Lightbulb, students are free to create their own channels whether that be for personal class notes or small group study sessions.

How we built it

We built Lightbulb using Bootstrap, Flask, Figma, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into were figuring out ways in which we could embed a video calling system into Lightbulb. For example, we originally had wanted to use Zoom as the integrated video calling system, however, the Zoom Client SDK did not work for our application. Additionally, we had issues trying to use the Flask library to handle the log-in system we wanted to implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to complete an MVP during this hacking period and that we were also able to learn about some new features (BlueJeans integration) and incorporate those features into our hack.

What we learned

With this project, we learned to use Flask, Bootstrap, and integrate BlueJeans into our web app.

What's next for PennApps Project

We would like to expand Lightbulb so that it supports multiple users. Right now, Lightbulb only supports one user but we definitely want it to be a collaborative space. Additionally, we want to see if we can integrate VR into Lightbulb so that we can recreate the in-person classroom experience.

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