The Internet of Trees

What we noticed during our lives at school and volunteering in the community is that currently most townships have no system for maintaining or analyzing dendrological data. This means that they have a very small idea of how the trees that they have planted through their developments are growing. This leads to wide multitude of problems. The most essential two are inability to perform triage or respond to problems immediately. Meaning that for example if a disease was spreading through the trees they would not be able to respond and resolve the issue until it was too late.

We did some research on the problem to see if there were any solutions to this problem. We found several, however they were all incredibly expensive and required large amounts of time and resources to maintain. Many townships would like to have more accurate knowledge of their trees, but simply lack the resources to do so.

So now we introduce our solution that we called internet of trees. Essentially bringing trees to the web through data. Our app is a proof of concept for the ability to create an open source software that could be used by the government to help them better manage their parks and trees. Through our application they can keep accurate records of their trees and view it at any time. They can also generate statistical models and graphs to see the data in perspective and assess any problems that are occurring.

Credit to Karim Maaloul for low Poly Tree Generator for Icon

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