Penguins are cute, we should protect them by solving enviromental problems. Zoo Zurich is a good start point, since it has huge amount of visitors and good international reputation. We want to encourage people to move towards a sustainable way of living.

What it does

It shares knowledge, news and ongoing research about penguins, especially concerning the threats they are facing. It increases environmental awareness of users by reminding daily environment-friendly behaviour.

How we built it

We first come up with the idea of what we want to present and how to relate different contents logically and interestingly. We built the app using Thunkable, with statistical graphs using Oracle Labs, SQL, and Python. The design style comes from the natural color of penguins. The interactive contents comes from our experience and imagination of the scene of visiting the zoo.

Challenges we ran into

How to relate enviromental problem with penguins. How to relate human behaviour with penguins. How to interact with users. How to combine texts, statistics, and pictures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The statistcal graphs we integrated after evaluating different datasets look nice: &&

The app we built is logical and fun to use.

What we learned

How to build an app from scratch, how to use data analysis. We learned how to use Oracle Data Studio.

What's next for PengWin

Realise the functionalities we wish to have, e.g. image recognition of penguin species. Establish partnerships with other zoos and share information.

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