Flappy Bird and my Machine Learning class

What it does

It allows a player to enjoy a flappy bird style game.

How I built it

Python and Pygame

Challenges I ran into

-There were so many different ways to display images on the screen -The PyGame library does not have intuitive systems for moving images. I also had to create my own collision system, because Pygame’s system doesn’t work -Lots of trial and error before I created an entity superclass to be able to manipulate images on the screen -PyGame doesn’t have an intuitive system for managing states and creating menus. -I created one main game loop, and then made the game state driven by creating a state class with screen update and user input update functions to be able to handle different situations and then just switched between the different states.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating a collision system
  • Designing a state-based game with one game loop
  • Dynamic, random icicle barriers
  • Learning Python
  • Engineering an entity system to manipulate images
  • Drawing sick graphics

What I learned

  • Python
  • Machine Learning and Tensorflow is hard
  • PyGame is not a good game engine

What's next for

I want to learn how to use Tensorflow more so that I can create the Reinforcement Learning algorithm to create an AI to play

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