Who does not love penguins? everybody loves penguins, no need to say more about it. In another way, have you ever played videogames, what about if you want to eat your sandwitch or drink your beer or scrach your nose? With our hand made Hardware, you will play with the feet, so it all will be possible to you!

How it works

You are Playing as a penguin swimming happily on the sea, but the damned sea is full of obstacles you will have to avoid in order to keep swimming and jumping as every penguin likes to. In order to do that, you will play with the special hardware we provide, that will be used with your feet.

Challenges I ran into

Making hardware is not as beautiful at it can seem, we are damned computer guys, programmers, not carpenters. In the code, we have challenged ourselves making a procedural infinite game, and making it work smoothly with our handmade hardware.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a game that you will play with your feet, it is amazing enough to be proud. Also, the hardware works and the game does not crash it is also something to be proud of.

What I learned

We keep learning how to make games and to improve the user experience. Beyond that, we learned some interesting stuff with the other hackers of this hackathon.

What's next for Penguin Rush

A full new range of games that will be played with your feet, THE FUTURE IS NAO!!1!

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