Being first generation college students, it is often hard to understand what it means to be financially responsible due to the lack of resources in our communities. Overall, as a college student, it is difficult to create responsible spending and saving habits without the appropriate resources directed to our limited understanding of finances.

What it does

$pendSmart is an interactive mobile app in which young individuals can follow their expenses, budget accordingly, achieve their financial goals, watch and follow interactive modules, and have their banking information all in one application.

How we built it

After conducting short surveys and a few interviews with selected Technica 2019 participants, we built an app design using Figma (presented via powerpoint) to represent the knowledge of our sample size and to align our goals with their values.

Challenges we ran into

None of our group members never used Figma, so it was an entire learning experience. Our group consists of 3 total students: 2 college students who are Neurobiology and Architecture majors and a high schooler. We are all interested in technology and computer science and took up a new hobby with using our creativity to design prototypes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't give up when the application was getting difficult for us. It became frustrating since we are new to the designing/prototyping field. Having 3 students of completely different educational backgrounds was a unique experience.

What we learned

We learned a lot from trial and error, and learned how to intricately use applications like Figma and Invision.

What's next for $pendSmart

Due to the short time constraint, we would like to continue building this prototype to see how far it goes. We all left with a new found interest in the integration of technology and finances so we are excited to see where this takes.

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