Pendant was inspired when a member of our founding team, in a brainstorming session, began talking about her overstuffed closet and her simultaneous desire for new clothing. After some thought, we realized that for college students today, there were high barriers to buying and selling used clothing, since most thrift stores are off campus. Also, there was an unnecessary intermediary in each transaction, since both buyers and sellers are frequently college students.

Apps like Yik-Yak and Facebook-based textbook exchanges have demonstrated the feasibility of creating location-based commercial and social networks on college campuses. We believe that it is possible to leverage that potential for networks, and the convenience of listing items for sale from a smartphone, to create a clothing exchange app focused on college campuses. We believe the most crucial feature of this app is the location aspect. Since people are transacting within their college community, Pendant won't have to ship items around or maintain a physical presence, which means things sold on Pendant can be significantly cheaper and more convenient than either physical thrift stores or other online used-clothing boutiques.

Pendant's target audience is college students. Right now, Pendant is targeted towards female college students using Android devices, but over time, we plan to add an iPhone app and support for male clothing. Also, Pendant is a boutique, rather than a thrift store. Pendant aims to create an elegant, luxurious feel that reflects the type of clothing we anticipate selling. And, of course, items which don't sell within a specified period and sellers who receive bad ratings will be removed from the Pendant community.

The Pendant team is excited to share our product with you and looks forward to our continued development and expansion.

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