The Future of Teaching Educators Pencils of Promise makes a tremendous impact in bringing vastly improved education to developing communities throughout the world. By bringing teachers and educators together for a few days, they are able to forge a mentorship experience that creates benefits far outreaching the length of the event.

The Mobile Education Hub allows Pencils of Promise educators to create new, innovative, interactive, and multimedia courses through the EdX platform, a revolutionary new way to structure and run courses. EdX normally has the limitation, however, of requiring an internet connection. With the Mobile Education Hub, users are able to wirelessly connect to EdX courses without any internet connection whatsoever. This will allow Pencils of Promise mentorship courses and activities to be accessed wherever the educator may go. Furthermore, multiple hubs share course information between themselves, importing and exporting courses to keep educators connected whenever hubs come near each other, again without internet. Courses also contain discuss forums built into them, which use SMS as their primary means of communication. As long as there is SMS service, the discussion can continue.

No longer is mentorship limited to face to face contact, or education training limited to short conferences. With the Mobile Education Hub, teachers can carry with them not only the training programs they received at the conference, but also extra lessons they can view on their own time as well as potential lesson plans they can use to teach others at home. The Mobile Education Hub is the information age of education brought offline for the rest of the world to benefit!

Tech Stack Raspberry Pi Arduino GSM Modem OpenEdX MongoDB MySQL Django Node.JS Python

What's next for Pencils of Promise Mobile Education Hub Slimming down OpenEdX to more appropriate size. Integrating hardware to limit size and cost. Creating durable casing so Mobile Education Hub is hardy and extra portable.

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