John worked at a nail salon for years and he wanted to make it more efficient.

What it does

PencilMeIn is an app that allows customers to take control of scheduling their own appointments and allows businesses to operate efficiently. Customers can find open time slots for which they can schedule specific services from a business. Our app allows them to do this easily and at their leisure. Businesses benefit by avoiding overbooking appointments and dealing with miscommunications.

How we built it

We used Github and Xcode to create a framework in Swift and code collaboratively. Design was made using Sketch and our database is hosted on Parse. In Swift, we used the UIKit and EventKit to implement our features. Finally, we also used .co to host our marketing website.

Challenges we ran into

One of our teammates did not own a Macbook so could not code in iOS but instead helped develop our website and research various APIs. He also contributed heavily toward the planning and idea generation. Since we are all relatively inexperienced hackers, we ran into a lot of technical issues including syncing Git and learning new programming languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing a project and learning new programming languages and techniques.

What we learned

All members of the group enhanced their programming ability especially in mobile app development, design, and user experience. In addition we learned about the variety of resources available to us through the generosity of MHacks sponsors and mentors.

What's next for PencilMeIn

We would like to implement additional functionalities including improved calendar views, finances, customer review, enhanced communication, and more detailed user profiles.

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