It was created as result of actual need. Some time ago I was asked for help with math problem. It was something from the high-school, it didn't not even involve any geometry but the fastest and the most natural way for me was to solve that on a piece of paper and record the whole process. So I kept pen in one hand and camera in other trying to keep my attention on both. And the final effect was hardly readable. This app would be truly useful at that time !

What it does

This is Pen Recorder app. Idea is simple. You draw on can board and talk at the same time. App records everything and generates YouTube video. You can draw on empty board, image or even on a map. You may easily create video explainer on any topic, present some math theory, build your personal drawing story or simply record the drawing process. Once your video is done you can change its privacy settings directly in your Youtube account.

What's next for Pen Recorder

We want to enable drawing on playing videos and add more features.

Any questions ? Let's get in touch.

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