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Pen & Paper is a web app that functions both as a place of self-reflective journaling and mood tracking. We believe that positive or negative emotion is often subconsciously felt and expressed and can materialize through the language we use in our writing. Pen & Paper is based on the theory that natural language processing can pick up on your mood through your word choice and eventually help you maintain greater mindfulness over your emotions. Not only can Pen & Paper help you track your emotions, it is also lightweight, since your journal is also your mood tracker. The path to a healthy mind doesn't have to be bogged down with multiple mood tracking apps and notebooks. We can consolidate all of it into one. Our Google Cloud-driven sentiment analyzer parses through each word of your journal entry and rates it as positive or negative. We highlight this in our calendar to help you visualize your moods. In our past entries tab, you can see a table of all your past entries, including the exact sentiment rating of your entries. We built Pen & Paper with Python, HTML, and CSS, and we utilized Flask to assist in web development. This is the first web app I've ever built, and learning Flask, HTML, and CSS over the course of one day has been surprisingly rewarding. Not only do we have a tangible product, my team has learned many valuable skills, including effective planning and communication and the horrors of git merge conflicts.

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