A tiny pelagic_predators_tagging_system

Back to Dalhousie, I did this with my best friend (also, an ocean nerd), Jason Parsons.

PPTS is a theoretical system for tagging marine animal species in order to track movement, temperature, depth, etc. The data is retrieved from the research group of Stanford University. (http://gtopp.org)

Basic Features

  • Allows user to query the reading table of our database in order to view only the columns they are interested in.
  • Results presented in a table format and can be ordered by different attribute types and sorted in ascending or descending order.

PPTS Mechanism

  • PPTS starts with the attachment of radio transmitter tags to a wide variety of marine species.
  • Tags are detected by a series of buoys in the ocean.
  • Each buoy transmits their data to stations on land via a satellite network where the data can be organized for analysis.

Tool Sets

  • Database was created with phpmyadmin within an XAMPP environment with an SQL backbone
  • Locally hosted web server run using Apache, also under XAMPP.
  • Web application makes use of the database through a php/html interface.

Challenges We Ran into

  • Proposed db schema reduces redundancy by taking original datasets and first putting them in 1NF.
  • After this we further decompose our structure to ensure no function dependencies by non-primary key attributes.
  • Separate the animal, buoy, and station into individual entities each with their own table as well as a 4th table to house individual data readings.
  • Connect the front-end and back-end using php
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