Pegg is a social, photo scavenger hunt app where individuals are challenged to see life through their friend’s eyes. To use Pegg, simply take a photo and attach a caption and send – it’s that easy! When you send a photo, you may choose to send it directly to your friends, or challenge the community around you.

Pegging with Friends

Peggs are simple to respond to – Once you receive a Pegg, you may accept or reject the challenge. If you choose to accept, you must get within 100 feet of the location where the original photo was taken (don’t worry, we’ll guide you in the right direction). Once there, just take the same photo and submit. We will verify your response with the your friend’s initial Pegg if they are close enough, you will be awarded the points for your challenge.

Pegging with the Community

Part of what makes Pegg special is the ability to share your experiences with the world around you. Despite the fact that we are in close proximity to one another in a community, we never get to see life through each other’s eyes. With Pegg, all of this changes! Simply publish your Peggs so that anyone in the community can see them. Once published, any individual in the community can see your challenge and directly respond to it!

Pegg brings the best of gaming and personal experiences together to create a simple, but addictively fun game for all ages. So what are you waiting for?!

Pegg – Engage your Environment


  • Challenge your friends or your community with the push of a button
  • Give your friends a hint by adding a description
  • Earn points for every challenge you complete
  • Learn more about the community around you by completing challenges
  • Create an account and add all of your friends

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