Developers to build UPI Transactions Apps in near-real-time.

What it does

With Pega Framework it enables the reusability of rules, Add UPI Transaction system to business flows. We save lot of time in building the apps with reusable rules

How we built it

We used Pega REST Connectors, Activities, HTML scripts to set up the UPI payment process for Paytm

Challenges we ran into

Security Key generation in Pega by importing JAR files Configuring Callback parameters from the Javascript API response

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete flow of Paytm Initiate Transaction API to complete the simple payment process Reusable UI elements using controls HTML Script for Paytm Payment

What we learned

REST Connectors, Activities, HTML Scripts, UPI Integration through API, Control, Pega Rule Resolution

What's next for Pega UPI Payments

Bring in all the API for Paytm UPI transactions Need to extend for other 3rd party UPI payments Applications Integrate the code with official PRPC Engine

Built With

  • pega
  • upi
+ 5 more
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posted an update

In Our day to day life payment methods are changing continuously like hot-cash,bank transaction, Online Transaction, Now UPI pays major role in payment for small scale shops to large scale companies as we took this an opportunity and developed an layer to help developers can easily reuse in Pega

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