Peezy (Piyush Dhir, Ami Pasricha, Matt Gebert, Kanav Batra)

Peezy is a navigation and analysis tool to provide users with real time parking dynamics in Shopping Centers. Our aim is to be able to help a user find a easy place to park, and inform them on how congested the Shopping Center is. The "problem" we solve is the uninformed choice a user has to make when trying to find parking at a shopping center. In a case example, a user would be able to see congestion statistics on different car parks, the levels within each car park, and even further the specific car park availability.

What we've built in our time at UniHack is a mock app for the android operating system. This app's purpose is to show you the logical progression of different views and how live data and statistics might be incorporated in such a system. We actively decided to ignore certain features that we would want to establish in the future, purely out of an interest of time perspective. A lot of the built functionality, although a mock up, would be very useful in a more complete product.

We left out servers and analytics, because the nature of calculating the % of carparks full is a trivial mathematical function, for Centres, Multilevels, or individual floors. Trending data and progressive statistical analysis that could be performed (ie, This time last year, weekly estimates etc) is an area that has been compromised as a result, but the amount of false data that we would need to generate for that would be substantial. We also removed Integration of Google Maps / GPS Navigation (and further, transitions to car park layouts) as these features are not the core functionality of the app, and are services that already exists which we would ideally utilize at a future stage.

With the above in mind, our team set to work creating the theme and logos, whilst also developing the base android application. From developing the initial Activities of the app, many of the other activities quickly followed due to similar functionality. Further graphic designs were required for presentation of a Shopping Center, Multilevel Carpark, and a Floor Layout, which were integrated into the application with touch functionality. Particular focuses of the group were aesthetically pleasing visuals and graphic response, such as the touch on a multilevel. Furthering upon this, we endeavored to add some mock statistics and live data feedback on car park availability, by dynamically changing our UI.

One of the hardest programming challenges that took significant time was implementing a ListView that was searchable, and processing consequent responses. This actually restricted our ability to fill the Dashboard as desired, and features such as another listview of favorites or recents could not be added without major graphics and user-experience repercussions.

Overall, we are happy with the amount of progress we have made, and believe we have created a relatively well polished example of how our parking system might run. Everything has been pushed to DevPost and bitbucket under dev and master branch, dev is purely for the development and at the end everything is pushed to origin and dev and master are merged for submission. Submission is made under bitbucket dev branch - Submission folder.

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