I frequently need to go to the restroom during sporting events (and movies, and theater productions, etc...) but don't like waiting in lines during chaotic high-traffic time.

What it is supposed to do

By utilizing a webcam and image processing, the app tracks foot traffic and changes the status of the some of the marked bathroom locations on a web application map.

How I built it

I didn't complete it, but the intention was to write images from a webcam stream to a filesystem temporarily and use OpenCV to do image processing on photos to determine the foot traffic during a period of time.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into some significant issues configuring my primary image processing tool (OpenCV) with the Python Virtual Environment and it ate up a lot of time...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks sorta pretty, but is essentially in the "wire frame stage". AND I got to participate in my first Hackathon!

What I learned

I learned about what to have prepared for my next Hackathon!

What's next for

I need to flesh out the image processing application quite a bit more.

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