Oh, the joys of public family trees. Someone edited Great-Grandpa’s Family Tree data and now Grandma is upset. No one likes it when Grandma is upset. Public family trees can be a blessing and a curse. They can help us connect with a cousin who has tons of family history information, but they can also cause headaches when data gets changed or deleted. PeerTrees is a social web application for peer review of FamilySearch Family Tree changes. PeerTrees allows you to view the most recent changes to Family Tree and offer feedback about those changes. You can “approve” a change or just leave a comment. You can also request your own changes be reviewed by other PeerTrees users. PeerTrees aims to enable more collaboration and eliminate edit wars.

PeerTrees promotes collaborative research by:

  • Showing you who made changes to your tree.
  • Allowing comments to be attached to the changes.
  • Letting users mark changes as "Approved".
  • Allowing you to request peer reviews of your own changes.

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