Diablo 2, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Guildwars... I've played many games, and in every game I've had to start over from scratch and throw away all the time/effort I'd invested into previous games. I've often wondered, what if I could transfer that wealth from a previous game to the new game I want to play?

What it does

Facilitates buying/selling of any virtual in-game currencies in a Craigslist-like interface, but on the blockchain. The blockchain allows us to bypass chargeback scams, gives us immunity from DMCA notices, gives us a trade currency that has actual value, and gives us a signature/verification that can be used to setup 3rd party communications and validate seller's ownership of currency they are selling external to the blockchain.

How I built it

Using Peercoin's blockchain and protocol level 0.01 ppc transaction fee, I used op_return transactions in the blockchain to post "database transactions". Any clients scanning the blockchain for them can then build up local databases from that blockchain. Combined with the client which is downloaded and run alongside a person's Peercoin wallet, that makes the application fully distributed.

What's next for Peerlistings

I want to lower the barrier for entry, and make a "light" version of the client that runs with a javascript wallet, that can communicate with blockexplorers. In this way, instead of new users installing the Peercoin wallet and waiting for the blockchain to download and installing a Peerlistings binary, they could just install a chrome extension and immediately have full, secure access to the network.

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