Peer Learn - Bring People Together to Practice Good Mental Health

The Problem

Many adults ages 21-40 have a strong interest in cultivating emotional intelligence but don’t know where to start or find a community to learn with. A very significant percentage of people with depression and anxiety have not improved from medication or psychotherapy. The right tools are missing for both personal development enthusiasts and a segment of those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Today, there are many meditation & CBT apps for individuals (e.g. Headspace, Pacifica), and social media-based video apps (e.g. SnapChat). The mental exercise knowledge and video technology are both mature yet there is no peer-to-peer video app dedicated to proactively co-learning mental health exercises.

Our Solution

A video app to connect two peers on-demand to work through a mental health exercise.

It combines 3 unique benefits in a 15-min video session 1) Scientifically proven learning instructions 2) Role model 3) Emotional support

Business, Growth Strategies

We offer the platform for free to grow a large user base. With a large user base, we partner with three payers:

1) a major health care provider (e.g. Blue Cross Blue Shield) to provide coverage of this service as a more effective, less costly alternative for a segment of those suffering from depression and anxiety but are not benefiting from meditation or psychotherapy

2) employers to provide coverage through EAP to empower employees to maintain better mental health and productivity.

3) mental health product and service providers who would like to advertise to our user base.

We anticipate a fast adoption owing to:

1) easy learning curve since users worldwide are familiar with video chat apps

2) suits the busy modern lifestyle since users find partners on-demand whenever they get a break during the day

3) ensures privacy since a connection is established through the app and no personal information is revealed

Persona, Usecase

Jane and John - Enthusiastic about Personal Development

They both love learning and want to cultivate emotional intelligence to take on bigger challenges and leadership roles at work. They both heard about the power of meditation in cultivating leadership mindset and good judgment, but they always feel too busy to meditate daily, also they are not sure how to do it effectively and find a community to practice with. PeerLearn paired up Jane and John, they meditated together for 15 mins and feel more motivated than ever to continue their practice.

Babara and Billy - Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

They experience mild to moderate depression and anxiety, haven't seen much improvement after spending a lot of time and money on psychotherapy. They are aware of their own destructive thoughts, especially their struggle to stand up for what they need. They really want to learn how to be more assertive yet don't know how to do that, and who to practice it with regularly. PeerLearn paired up Babara and Billy. They went through one exercise to say no to a request. They both feel more empowered by each other's emotional support to continue the journey in real life.

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