We used XRP and PayID to instantly and easily send money as a reward for a task anywhere in the world, in this case providing a live video stream

What it does

We can quickly send money in a p2p manner via PayID for the request and answer system in our live streaming product. payid demo: & live ecommerce demo:

How I built it

We used Google Authentication for sign in We generated a Peerkat PayID with the user’s Google username We allow users to tip each other whilst consuming a stream

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to communicate with the Ripple testnet node to execute transactions, it was confusing when I received the error “ledger not available”, I initially thought I did something wrong.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pleased with generating the Ripple wallet on testnet and depositing test funds into the newly generated wallet

What I learned

Make sure I check my node environment when working with libraries otherwise I’ll end up with strange errors I can’t explain

What's next for Peerkat live streaming on demand

Grant for the Web project to add micropayment streaming, freemium model, educational content, Coil/ILP/Uphold integrations & UI design improvements ThunderCore launch to their hub of 90K MAU to engage and gain valuable insights from their community based in Asia and other parts of the world We’re working on integrating Interledger Protocol into our streaming platform to bring interoperability to our tech stack, allowing us to engage with multiple crypto native communities. 2021 onwards we will be raising a seed round in order to build our standalone application and plan to establish a token for community ownership & decision making purposes

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