Log In with Facebook = How easy it is. Would like to move current L2 tech to that level of frictionless.

What it does

It allows a user to sign state updates by in-browser delegate key. The delegate key stores no funds, and comes for free with Gnosis Safe.

How we built it

Hacked Gnosis Safe browser extension to share the delegate key, hacked our state channels implementation to enable signing by delegate key, created a webpage to demonstrate the flow.

Challenges we ran into

Rinkeby was dead. Livepeer was dead. Everybody's tech sucks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First attempt to made delegate key signatures. Made the immature Gnosis Safe work with our tech.

What we learned

Ethereum tech stack sucks. Our tech sucks less.

What's next for PeerDuck

Share the learnings with Gnosis Safe team, and move that into production.

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