Since nationwide quarantine started in March, we miss the opportunities to interact with others in-person; however, the abundance of virtual conferences and networking has opened our eyes to how we can stay connected online. Something that people can connect over easily and help people stay inspired is a passion project! We see the lack of a general platform for anyone to share something they've been obsessed with, whether it be an app, research, or rock collection!

What it does

It provides a platform for anyone to share their project in a digestible manner for people of any background. It could be incorporated into any university and it will provide a platform for the projects that students of any major (Arts, CS, IT, Math, Business, Political Science, Music, Psychology, Sociology, Biology) are working on.

How I built it

Initially, we were not very sure what we can use, but communicating well really helped us out. We built it with React, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges, one of them being all of the hackers being in totally different time zones. We had it from PST, IST, EST (PIE). So it was indeed challenging! Some of us being first-time hackers, we were quite new to the online reality submission and how to brainstorm an idea we all liked. Since we've never used React, there were times when we had no idea how to go about fixing it and with PIE, it killed it. But we came stronger!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being in different time-zones and still working through the project and having an end product is something we're really proud about. We also got to explore the world of React and understanding it. We also got to meet so many new people and being said that network is our net worth!

What I learned

We learned that no matter how simple the idea is, just put it out there. People often neglect and ignore simple ideas because they think they don't get the feel. But in fact, these simple ideas lead to something bigger! Making a real quality impact is what we aimed for.

What's next for PeerBuilt

We will be adding features such as like/dislike buttons, a feedback box, a weekly/overall ranking system, and a weekly subscription newsletter for the peeps who want to stay updated!

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