We struggled coordinating meet-up times with other people, so we desired a simple solution that would make studying, eating, and activities with our friends much easier.

What it does

Peeragon is the next Instant Messaging app for meeting with your peers. Set up planned and impromptu meetings for projects, get-togethers, or study sessions. Simply indicate your current or future availability within a group of friends or classmates, and you will be notified when another member has matching availability, creating a new chat for you to plan a meet-up. Designed and soon-to-be implemented by college students, Peeragon facilitates meetings and events at the convenience of users, minimizing spam and maximizing enjoyment. Peeragon is revolutionizing the standard for group chats. Join the ever-growing community of Peers and start meeting up today!

How we built it

We created a database in Google's Firebase and linked to it via an Android Studio app.

Challenges we ran into

We began with no database or app development experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We became familiar with the relevant programming languages, and we formed an idea and plan that we will continue to develop.

What we learned

We learned the basics for creating Android applications and connecting them to databases.

What's next for Peeragon

Next, we will fully implement to Android and iOS, we will allow for importing availability from Calendar, archiving event chats, and connecting with Facebook friends to grow your network.

Full integration to

Built With

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