Feeling stuck on homework is the worst. We’ve all had our fair share of sleepless nights during high school trying to prove physics equations or to solve the most bizarre word problems. While we may have more resources now at ASU, it’s heart-wrenching seeing our siblings go through the same pain when so much could have been done to prevent this from ever happening in the first place. As alumni of Hamilton High’s Peer Tutoring Club, we decided to solve this issue for good. 36 hours later, our Peer2Peer Tutoring platform is ready to bring any student the help they need.

Peer2Peer Tutoring is a web-based platform that allows students in need of help to find peers willing to tutor them in a face-to-face environment. Complete with security features, tutoring feedback, and trend analytics, we customize our platform specifically to the needs of every school that subscribes. But what happens when someone needs help? Let’s walk through a quick use case: 1) Students willing to tutor sign up for the app and apply to be a tutor for certain classes a. School email (if available) are required for sign up and name must match registry i. Unique usernames can be made and, along with a password, are used as login credentials b. The application goes on to be reviewed by the teachers of the student; they ultimately decide if this student qualifies as a tutor based on criteria like grades and behavior 2) Approved tutors select the times when and locations where they are available to help a. Time range and locations are specified by the school and tutoring can only occur at those times and places 3) Students who need help can create an account is the same manner and search for classes where they need help a. Available tutors are listed along with times and locations 4) Tutors receive notification upon request by a student and choose to confirm or deny 5) Tutor and student meet on the agreed-upon date and time to a face-to-face tutoring session 6) After tutoring, the student may anonymously provide feedback viewable by school teachers and admins only on the general satisfaction of the tutoring session

Much of the tools Peer2Peer Tutoring used for its development are completely beyond the knowledge of two of its members. Some tools were also specifically chosen for their “low” learning curve to help the two get started. With that, it would be accurate to say a certain member of the team did significantly more work and is significantly more knowledgeable on this subject. Regardless, the other two members enjoyed learning HTML and CSS along with Bootstrap to design the best user interface they could come up with within 36 hours.

Despite the fact that two out of three team members have never touched web development, they were able to pick up HTML and CSS in order to design the front-end interface. We could not be prouder of the growth that all team members experienced over these past two sleepless nights. Furthermore, as two first-time hackathon attendees, we were not sure what to expect. Staying overnight? Pulling an all-nighter? Isn’t that too hardcore for a finance major? Who cares because we did it anyways! Needless to say, this hackathon was a valuable experience for all its members. It helped some figure out how much they liked development and others what it means to develop. For us all, it was an opportunity to collaborate with others with different backgrounds and skillsets and keeping in mind to consider all that’s on the possibilities. Shall we just say we learned more than just how to “code?” (At least for one member…)

The three of us alumni are going to take it back to where it all started! We plan to take this concept back to our high school to get feedback and see how it can be implemented to help address the needs of students. Not only do we hope to provide a valuable resource for the students, but we also want to generate meaningful insights for the schools to see how they can improve their programs. It would be a dream come true to see this implemented!

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