When it comes to disaster management, there are a lot of people and organization who are willing to help the victims. But due to the huge number of people in an organization, managing it and providing the resources in the minimum amount of time will be difficult. Hence, we introduced our app called Peer2Peer.

What it does

Peer2Peer allows donators to connect to receivers. Donators are allowed to post resources they want to donate and select users to donate to. Receivers can request for resources and contact potential donors. Once a match is found, donors and receivers will be in contact via email for sharing resources.

How we built it

For building the website, the initial plan was important. We developed ER models and the flow diagram of the website. We then designed the interface for the website and integrated it with the back-end as we progressed. The website is built using PHP and MySQL for the back-end. The front-end is built using Bootstrap. We also used Google Maps API.


As it is a web application which is relying mostly on the back-end, planning and managing all the events while integrating with the front-end with the back-end was challenging. Additionally, a method of notifying users when a match occurs was also challenging.


We wanted to develop a project that would help people, and succeeding in this task is a huge accomplishment for us. In case of unfortunate circumstance, people won’t have to wait for the help to come, but they can also go where the help is provided. Additionally, we all got to learn something new and get a hands-on experience with some techniques in these couple of days while developing the application.

What we learned

We learned about setting up mail servers, efficiently integrating the front-end and the back-end. We have also learned to utilize Google Maps API.

What's next for Peer2Peer

For future scope, we are planning to build a chat interface and launch it as an Android and iOS application. Additionally, we are also planning to implement drone delivery system for the convenience of the users.

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