There are more than one billion students in the world. And all of them need help sometimes. Especially during these difficult times when 91% of the world student population is affected by school closures. Think about families with more than one child where parents are occupied with day to day work obligations. Think about full-time working single parents. Think about students whose parents are not able to provide any emotional nor educational support. Teachers are experiencing huge workloads and students are losing track due to the lack of personal attention. Our product is a peer-to-peer learning platform where students can find a suitable tutor and host a study session with them. Private tutors can be anyone with the necessary skills and verification - students in the same age group, university students, retired professors, etc. The choice is upon the student with whom he/she feels most comfortable with. The peer learning platform enables students to stay on track by offering a wide range of tutors of different ages and with different qualifications. Finding a suitable study partner would boost test results and decrease study time for both students and their parents.

What it does

Our platform helps students stay on track by helping them find a suitable tutor. We are focusing on creating reliability and a sense of unity by localizing the platform. The peer-to-peer learning platform enables students and their parents to hire a private teacher from the local community fast and without any hassle. A private teacher can be anyone with the required subject-related skills and willingness to contribute towards someone's knowledge. Pupils can search for a tutor for a particular subject and book a study session with them. The session will then happen on the platform, where we provide a text chat, a voice chat and a visual sketchpad where they can draw sketches (for Math, Chemistry etc). Pupils can attach a picture of their homework in the chatbox and the tutor can correct, guide or explain concepts throughout the session (voice, text and draw). Our goal is to make paying for your lesson easy and hassle-free.

Why we are different

After doing market research, we found that this kind of platform is mostly offered in the US. Many students in European countries lack access to personal teaching. We also learned that most of the existing platforms do not operate following the peer-to-peer model. Instead, most of them offer help from professional tutors, who often can't speak the native language of the student. This would make helping students who aren't fluent in english very difficult. For this reason, our focus would be on finding tutors from local communities or even alumni from the same schools as the students to increase the sense of unity and trust among them.

How are we going to build it

We have an international team with experts from various fields to build the product and bring it to the market as fast as possible. Our team has all the ingredients required for success.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges is to keep teachers on the platform after they have found students. But we have a solution for this!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have managed to validate the idea by interviewing teachers of different age groups, students, their parents and experts in the Estonian education system. We also found an Estonian NGO who is willing to partner up with us to help us reach students and their parents through their partner schools all over Estonia. In addition, we already have agreements in place with some tutors who are going to use our platform for connecting with students. Our international team consists of various experts from different fields and we are ready to make a difference in education.

What's next for Peer-To-Peer learning platform

We have decided to launch our initial product in Estonia due to the high level of computer literacy among Estonian students and easy access to key people in the Estonian education system and schools. We have contacts in the Estonian Ministry of Education and Innove which is an education competence centre in Estonia that coordinates and promotes general and vocational education in the country.

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