During covid lockdown I tried jobs on many freelancing platforms as a beginner, but none of the freelancing sites gave me a good opportunity. Most of the platforms are not beginner friendly and there are no proper technical aspects used to prevent malpractices. This made me think innovatively to solve the problems of freelancers. FreeLancers

What it does

In current freelancing platforms, only experts get a regular job, but for beginners and intermediates, the chances of getting a job is very low. So to solve this seasonal unemployment issue we use NFTs to provide a consistent income and rank the skillful people to get them a job within a short period, it also verifies the details using the proof of stake mechanism to check the genuinity of their profiles. Since it is decentralized, the chances of payment issue is almost null. TechStacks

How we built it

The truffle framework and remix IDE for smart contracts, node.js for user interface, XDC network for deployment. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and BootStrap for front end. TechStacks

Challenges we ran into

Since we are new to Blockchain Technology, at the initial stages we found it very difficult to choose the proper tech stacks and fix the errors while working on VS code. We even find it difficult in deploying. Overall it was a great learning experience.


What we learned

We learned how to create smart contracts, Using GitHub applications effectively, Choosing proper tech stacks for a project, Overview of XDC network.


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