This is an implementation of the idea #1 of Think Care Act As the world advances forward, we are becoming ever more connected. Yet many of us feel alone and unclear of our personalities and future. That’s why we created PeerRate. We made it so that you can discover your personality anywhere, at any time. With the only necessity of inputting your name, the user will be given a private room link, where he can then share it with his friends or family members. Once joining the room, the two participants take turns to discuss the topic shown at the top by dragging cards they believe matches them best. There is also a custom tag functionality for more variety of descriptions. Through the interaction between the two, the users will have a better understanding of what others think of themselves and thus having an easier time to improve one self.

What it does

It allows peers to evaluate each other. User could host a room, give the room code to his friend, and after they all entered that room, they could evaluate each other through a drag and drop UI.

Implementation :

With the usage of HTML5, CSS and JS, we are able to weave the three fundamentals into a modern yet minimalistic user interface. And with the usage of websocket and nodeJS, we brought the once lifeless interface to life, creating the potential to connect and learn about yourself and others at any time.

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