We wanted to learn something from scratch and with Year in Industry placements coming up, we wanted to have some practice with Unity. No-one had used it before. We brainstormed simple games which we could put a twist on and decide on Pong. But with more than two players per screen.

What it does

It allows for up to four people to play Pong locally on one machine, sharing one screen between all players.

How we built it

We used Unity to build the game with C# to edit scripts for the mechanics of the game

Challenges we ran into

We tried to create a online/multiplayer version of Pong (just the two person) using networking features in Unity. However we can across many synchronization issues to do with the client and server. We managed to get the paddles moving in synchronization but no integration with the ball itself. Hence we concentrated our efforts thereafter on seeing how many players we could get locally playing the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a working version of Pong with three players which was surprisingly difficult to map the movement of the paddles when they have fixed movement, but not solely to the X or Y axis.

What we learned

Unity. That we also hate Unity.

What's next for Peer Pong

To create more local arenas to involve up to 8 (possible) players, then to get a fully distributed version working online where people can join a game and compete for high scores.

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