The application has two interfaces: 1) Peep Out (Search outside) 2) Translate This Application lets you search the most famous academic databases websites (other than Sciverse) using the best search engine (Google) available which gives you a parallel platform to search new things/terms that you encounter while you study. The most popular academic websites have been compiled for this purpose and have been categorised into different subjects for ease of use. The utility not only gives reasearch papers and author profiles as search results but also include other relevant things present on the different websites. The application allows to confine the search results to only some specific websites e.g. with this application you can search only Springer, ACM and IEEE Xplore websites thereby filtering all the irrelevant search results that appear when a normal search is made on the web. In effect, this app lets you enjoy google search while giving you the option to select where the search results come from. You can search the web using Google by leaving all the items unchecked and clicking "done" buttton. The set of websites available to search in each category will evolve over time as we discover useful databases present over the web and the feedback we get from our users. It also provides a clean interface to translate text from english to multiple other languages. This functionality is based on Google Translate API.

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