Peepeth Client (Unofficial)

This app created during Hacksummit hackathon contest (and won the prize, btw).

Become a Beta tester

Check out our presentation and screencast (July 8, 2018) It will give you a brief overview of our Dapp and it's message.

Peepeth iOS Client (Swift)

It shows how easy it is to implement blockchain solutions (DApps) right on your device! Not harder than client-server app, right? Native (Unofficial) Peepeth Client for iOS devices, powered by web3swift.

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What it is for

It provides basic functionality:

  • create or import a wallet
  • send Peepeth registration transaction
  • send a peep to Ethereum network (all peeps stored in IPFS file system)
  • share others peeps
  • upload either global or yours peeps history
  • and maybe we'll implement a bit more :)

Unique features

All you need is your private key!

  • no additional plugins required - just download the app and create or import your wallet
  • private key for your wallet will be stored as safe as on a hard wallet - don't be afraid
  • easy register or enter Peepeth - lets start peeping! All you will be asked - to confirm your decision


flow diagram

About Peepeth

Peepeth is a decentralized alternative to Twitter powered by the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls your data; so it's the perfect place to share what matters.

Special thanks

This has been a challenging time, and we appreciate Peepeth creator Bevan Barton so much for helping in decision making and guides in Peepeth

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