People in today's society have online accounts for everything. From saving the progress of games to utilizing online business workplaces, keeping a password secret and away from prying eyes is necessary to keep private information private. Just one unobservant employee logging in from a public place can be the cause of a security issue.

What it does

Using face detection software from AWS, anytime more than one person is seen looking at the screen when inputting a password, Alexa will, loudly, issue a warning, alerting the user of the potential thief.

How I built it

AWS Utilities, DeepLens, and Alexa were used in making our project function.

Challenges I ran into

Not knowing in detail the coding language, python, used in constructing the project put us at a disadvantage. It was new to us so when we thought we understood something, later we found out we didn't and went through research over and over again. Another challenge was working with the hardware. Troubleshooting the hardware was a tedious task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team worked well together, especially when brainstorming ideas. Talking out loud helped progress the project further.

What I learned

Working with AWS was interesting. We learned a lot more about working with the cloud platform and spent time learning Python as well.

What's next for Peeper Protector

We'll take a breather first, and think about how we can better the project

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