Did you know there are over 5.400 million dogs registered in Spain? A figure that means that in 49.3% of houses live at least one pet. A surprising number that increases every year.

Living with a four-legged friend has more benefits than disadvantages, but if you live in a big city and you have to take him to a pipican you will have encountered more than one problem.

A pipican is a dog-friendly recreation area where they can play and make their basic needs. These delimited areas are promoted through each City Council and each one has different facilities.

What at first glance seems an advantage, sometimes, becomes a nightmare. Especially for the safety of our canine friends. Surely many times you have had to turn around because in that pipican there is a dog that has an aggressive character and is not related to your pet, or was full of people and your dog was scared because it is very fearful.

Would not it be great to know which pipicans are optimal for your pet before leaving home? If the dogs in there at that time are compatible with the character of your dog or if it has enough space for your friend to run at his ease.

In response to this need we have created Peep'Can, the first app that gives you real information about the state of your closest pipicans and recommends which ones are optimal for your pet.

What it does

Peep'Can is an application whose main purpose is to provide security to your four-legged friend and the other dogs of a pipican. But it also provides information of interest as services available or the number of people who are located at a given time.

  1. The application has a pet profile with information about its age, sex, race and main characteristics of its personality. This information relates to the others dog’s profile in order to detect affinities in their character.

  2. When opening the application, 2 sections are displayed. One shows you a map with the closest pipicans according to your location and if they are advisable for the profile of your dog, according to a color code in the markers. (yellow = optimum and orange = not recommended). The other section allows you to select with which pet you want to go to the pipican (just in case you have more than one).

  3. By selecting one of the pipican shown on the map, we can see detailed and real-time information related with:

    Pipican’s name, Adress, Facilities, Pipican’s pics, Reasons why this pipican is optimum or not recommended.

  4. In order to access in a pipican and carry a control, you will have to validate the entrance and exit. How?. Approaching the mobile to the sensor located in the entrance. Then you listen a “peep”which means the door is open and you can entry.

How I built it

We built an Android Mobile App using NFC to do dog’s check in and check out on the pipican. In addition, thanks to Open Trends platform we've created a sensor's network in order to know the real time information about the pipican but also we suggest new open data for future issues.

Challenges I ran into

It’s always a challenge to imagine and realize an idea in 24 hours. But it’s even more challenging to abandon an idea in the middle of the hackton to start a more innovative one. Implementing Android, as always, has been complicated and we have realized that we had a wrong concept about NFC in Android.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It’s the first time we collaborate in a multidisciplinar team so, even the difficult to get with an idea in 24 hours (lees in our case), we are proud of learning things about other fields.

What I learned

The team was multidisciplinary with computer profiles but also from communication field. So both parties have been able to nourish of different knowledge and that has enriched different points of view about the project.

What's next for Peep'Can

In a second phase, we think it’s interesting to add other functionalities and improve existing ones: High Frequency Pet Identifier: Currently, the app connects from mobile to wall reader (tablet), but it would be interesting if the dog has a device that identifies high frequency (more powerful than the current chip) in its collar. With this, we would stop depending on the user to know which dog is with him, if he has more than one.

Sensor Dispenser Bags: It would be interesting to put devices to automate different pipican’s facilities. For example, replace the current dispenser with a sensor-controlled one. We can save an unnecessary waste of bags, control the consumption to replenish and on the consumption per user.

Social Network: from the profiles of each pet would be possible to build a social network to know the compatibility between them, so they can enjoy and play with those who are most related to them. In addition, it is a tool that serves users / owners to get in touch with others.

Having this technology will not only provide security to pets and users. This will provide better services or analyze different data that will be interesting for City Councils. From data obtained through this platform, we can collect relevant information such as frequency of use or time, number of pets per pipican, etc. In this way, more efficient solutions can be designed like a better distribution of pipicans, better cleaning schedules, etc.

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