I find myself using Google Assistant more and more as more advanced features and commands become available but there always seems to be something missing. Also, I often think about how cool it would be to ioT-ify certain objects around my house that lack sensors or would be difficult to connect. Then there is the problem of universality and I wonder if we really need every single item in our house to be connected to the internet.

How can I train my home automation system to let me know when a pot of water is boiling but just as easily help me monitor if my children have roamed from their bed at night without having to buy different ioT devices for each task?

What it does

Then came along Peep - A tiny device that watches objects on command and reports back or triggers other home automation devices.

Good jobs for Peep could include:

  • Using it in the kitchen to tell you when the water is boiling
  • Placing it next to a window and tell it to watch for a red car
  • Capture what you're writing on a whiteboard as you write it
  • Make it a workshop helper
  • Make it help with the car: watch the blinkers while you turn it on to test

Plus there's whatever the peep community can think of down the road with shared tasks. Just set peep where you want it, select the motion you want it to capture on the peep mobile app and let it do the watching for you. If your sister also wants to do a similar task share it.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Peep - A watching and learning micro assistant.

  • Kickstarter
  • ML and shared experience with peeps so others can do a similar task.
  • Sound detection - Peep listens for arbitrary triggers and tells you when your tea pot is whistling.

Built With

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posted an update

Today I learned that it takes 4+ hours to compile openCV from source on a raspberry pi with stretch OS on it using one core. I also learned that it takes 6+ hours with 2+ cores which seems strange but when you factor in the build blowing up at the 90% mark because of a cmake bug when using multi core it all makes sense.

Oh well. Good thing I got a head start on getting the environment set up before the big day.

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