The idea of language being a barrier cannot be accepted in a rapidly expanding world such as ours. Language learning has been stuck in the past and newer techniques must be designed to fit our ever changing world. In 2013 there was an influx of 1.3 million immigrants. Language is an ever growing barrier and it will only get wider through further world development. That is where our solution comes in. Mit did a study in which they compared the scores of people who watched foreign films with subtitles and compared it with the scores of people who studied from a textbook. On average the people who watched the film scored higher than the ones who used the textbook. These results led us to believe that a correlation between media and language acquisition. One problem we sought to solve was the large amount of time that watching a video would take. The world is busier than ever and some people don’t have the time to sit down and watch a video or movie. The solution we came up with was using music as our media. Music is universal and our idea is to use music to help teach basic word association. We use the music that you listen to do everyday and take the lyrics and use a list of commonly used words in the target language and translate a certain percentage based on the difficulty level. The lyrics would scroll past the user and highlight the words in the target language to help the user associate the words. This constant word association over time would hopefully lead to a basic language understanding. The possibilities are endless from here as well. The app could be also used to crowd source the translation process as users could input different dialects in the app to allow for a more comprehensive translation process. The app has also can be further developed into a voice recognition software that can live translate music.

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