Share your emotions easily with your friends !

Peeco is a simple way to capture your favorite moments on your Android smartphone or your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Keep in touch with your friends and send posts instantly to your social networks : Facebook, Twitter and Google+ !

Share your pictures in only 3 steps on your smartwatch : Capture, Express your emotion & Post on your social network. Peeco is easy to use, try it out, it's completely free !


A unique keyboard is available on the wearable so you can personalize your post.

You also have the possibility to customize your photos with 33 filter effects like Sepia, Vintage, Pastel, and many more...

Features :

  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Take pictures from your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 or your smartphone
  • Express your emotion with an emoticon and/or type a message on your wearable
  • Customize your pictures with filters effects (*)
  • Export your photos to others applications on your phone
  • View all your Peeco's pictures on your Gallery
  • Choose the 'Later' mode to share your pictures whenever you want with your smartphone


What's new on Peeco ?

  • Added Google+ support
  • A multi-language keyboard has been added on Peeco to write a message directly from your Samsung Gear 2 (QWERTY and AZERTY support)
  • Multiple Languages support (English, Spanish, French and more to come in the next version)
  • New options to customize your photos such as filter adjustments and rotate options (*)
  • Localization feature (optional) on your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and your phone
  • You can now send several times a picture that you've already posted on your social networks
  • Sharing status that indicates respectively in which social networks you posted your pictures
  • Gallery optimizations to support unlimited pictures
  • Notifications to track your activity about your posts
  • Multiple camera resolutions for better photo quality
  • More emoticons available & can now be editable on your smartphone


For more information, contact us on our website : www.peecoapp.com

(*) The photo effects feature is only available on Samsung smartphone device.

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