We got inspired by the hard period we're living right now. Hard times are right ahead, even when all this will be over. That was our mantra, we thought then, that could have been a good challenge because in this precise moment we had to think about ourselves as developers and users at the same time. The main inspiration was the fact that during this period we experienced different moods during the same week and even the same day. So we thought about what we could have liked, and like us the most fragile part of the people living in quarantine, e.g. people suffering from anxiety and depression feelings and mental problem that could have been amplified by the self-isolation.

What it does

Peeble is an app that could help with stress relief, creating a sort of distraction for the user, so that they will find some comfort during hard times. We thought about a sort of feed that, based on daily mood, could help the user to literally move from their bad mood state to a better one, or if they are in a quite good mood it could help them to keep on that track, Peeble can help you with music you like in some moments when you experience bad feelings and bad thoughts, or maybe it could be useful when you feel good enough to do some home gym exercise or create some particular recipes. We decided even, to implement a diary to keep track of their daily moods and maybe have a sort of self-monitoring.

How I built it

We created it with Swift, Machine Learning, API's and Javascript, at the moment we implemented the iOS version, but we're working even on the Android's one.

Challenges I ran into

Our first Hackathon at all, different feelings different challenges event to have different way of spending the weekend during the quarantine. Remote hackathon itself has been a hard challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project itself

What I learned

We learned to create a project in few ours, to have a sharp idea in few time.

What's next for Peeble

We're gonna see.

The Team is formed by Federico Maria Avano, Michele Avano, Marco Di Martino, Ilaria Patrociello, Francesco Picazio, Abdulbasit Shaikh, Francesco Spigno & Ciro Vitale.

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