There are a lot of people who need access to contraceptives, and there's a surplus of #4 and #5 plastics that cant be re-used. This is a solution that addresses both.

What it does

It uses recycled number 4 plastics to make polyethylene condoms, which are stronger, and thinner than latex condoms. These condoms are hypoallergenic because they are not made of latex. The packaging is also made of recycled number 5 plastic.

How we built it

We used various household objects to heat and mold the plastic over our 3D printed condom mold.

Challenges we ran into

Overmelting the plastic and losing it's flexibility.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having made an MVP from plastic materials we found in our workspace and using materials we had in our homes to create it.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the world's sex habits, condom usage, and a lot about the problems people in other communities face, and the organizations that help these communities. We also learned a lot about recycling and the materials that are difficult to recycle.

What's next for PECker

We would like to branch out to making other sexual health products such as dental wrap. Dental wrap helps prevent the spread of disease through oral sex.

Built With

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posted an update

Status Report # 2: [Idea]: To recycle both polyethylene polypropylene plastics obtained from the City of Phoenix to produce a contraceptive that will be sustainable and keep the plastics out of landfills, and use the money from the sales of the items to distribute the contraceptives to impoverished areas and educate them on the benefits of using contraceptives during intercourse.

[Deliverables]: +Website -Requirements: --Showcase mission statement (sustainability, safe sex practices) and product specifics ---Environmental Problem and how our product solves it ---Solution of sexual health issues such as STI’s and pregnancy. ---One-for-one scheme (TOMS model) ---Product Specifications ---Business partnerships, model, etc. --Attractive, elegant design --Showcase for products. Navigation page. --Mockups for ‘contact us’, ‘products’, ‘about us’ -Challenges: --Drawing in potential customers --Layout for the website --Keep sight of original goal(sustainability through plastics recycling FIRST)

+CAD or Physical models of molds or products -Requirements: --Develop 3D model of surface mold for condom. Potentially made with type 3-7 plastics --Fabricate Manufacturing Mockup or POC ---Melting ---Mold ---Material quality testing

+Business data collection and research -Survey results -Video interview clips -Document outlining relevant technical information and confirming feasibility -Testing setup for quality control of melted plastics using arduino --Thermal characteristics --Physical --Electrostatic

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posted an update

Business Model Canvas

  1. Key Partners Partnership with Trojan or Durlex or Magnum

Partnership with KY Jelly or NGOs

  1. Key Activities Buying one pack of condoms and sending one to a developing country.

Responding to channels every 30 minutes.

Having discounts or sales on condoms

  1. Value Proposition Lower the transfer of STIs and STDs Decreasing the amount of pregnancy

Saving the planet by reducing waste and giving safe sex practices to developing countries.

  1. Customer Relationships Social Media Marketing Customizing website towards consumer

Distributing through Amazon or we will do it.

  1. Customer Segments Adults, young adults, and teenagers who have sexual intercourse.

  2. Key Resources Equipment Manufacturing Plant Inventory Distribution Network Recycle Plant Employees

  3. Channels Twitter Facebook Instagram Newsletter Email Snapchat

  4. Cost Structure Postage to developing countries and US Warehouse Water Electricity Equipment Employees Buying plastics from recycling plant or our own Manufacturing

  5. Revenue Streams Customers buying a pack of condoms and then donating one to a developing country.

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