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-Spotify is probably one of the most used music apps in the world, and with the new and popular pebble watch, there was only a spotify app with very basic functionality. -People like to have more control over their music, they want to shuffle their songs, see album art and most importantly, play their own playlists.

How it works

-It uses a companion app ("Pebblify") on the users Android smartphone to communicate between the official spotify app and the pebble watch so that you can control your music from your watch. Watch this video

Challenges I ran into

-Getting information about the current songs and playlists of the user. -Displaying album art on the pebble watch screen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Designing a cool logo. -Doing some app development myself.

What I learned

-Android app development, Pebble watch app development, Illustrator.

What's next for Pebblify

-Adding iOS compatibility -More spotify functionality

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