I literally just went around asking each company how they thought their APIs would be best used on a Pebble. Walmart's APIs sounded like they would make the most sense to use here, and I figured an app like this might be legitimately useful. Some of the Walmart representatives gave me some input on it, which helped me ultimately decide to make this app

What it does

It gets the "Value of the Day" and 25 trending items from, with the idea being that high sales online might translate into high sales in a physical store.

How I built it

I used CloudPebble, Pebble's online IDE, to write the app using Pebble.JS.

Challenges I ran into

1: I'm not as good at JS as I originally thought

2: Pebble.JS has some weird quirks

3: I realized far too late that I probably could have written most of this in the Pebble C SDK and used JS only for the API calls

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually got the output from the API to display properly on the watch. This was by far the most difficult thing I ran into, see #2 under "Challenges I ran into"

What I learned

I learned how to properly manage API calls in Pebble.JS. Having made my previous apps for Pebble using only the C SDK, Pebble.JS was a nice change of pace.

What's next for PebbleMart

This is one of those things that is pretty cool with access to only the public APIs, but could be even more awesome given access to things like the inventory of an actual Walmart store.

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