We were thinking about how we could do something new with the Pebble, and all the intuitive ideas were taken, so we stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, and from there we got inspired to make this social app using the internet of things and social media! The big appeal is that you don't need everyone else to have a pebble watch to enjoy the benefits, everyone is already using social media, this helps you spend more time with the people you enjoy being with, without being behind a screen.

How it works

The main goal of PebbleFriends is to let you know when close friends are nearby, and also let your close friends know when they are near you, so you can be more social! Social media on the internet has already explored a lot of its potential, so we thought we could take advantage of the internet of things to bring people closer together.

There's two main functionalities that we tried to implement:

  1. Checking in to a location on facebook via button click
  2. Receive notifications on your watch if a friend is nearby

Sure, you can do all these things on your phone, but this phone-watch combination offers a hands-free solution. The phone app piggybacks on Facebook (and we plan on including other social media like Instagram and Twitter) and checks to see if your close friends are nearby. If they are, then it sends a notification to your watch, easy peasy lemon squeazy. In addition, updating your location is a breeze; just clicking a button on the watch.

We feel like this would be especially useful to college students, so if they're walking back from class, they can tell their friends are in the cafe or library and come to say hi and chat.

Challenges I ran into

Confusing APIs, outdated and contradictory documentation, also doing Android apps in general

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished

What I learned

Please write good docs

What's next for PebbleFriends

Hopefully we can scale up and continue expanding, make it easy to jump in for anyone!

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