Originally, this app was intended to be a speech aid for people that may have trouble expressing themselves verbally or emotionally. We wanted to let users have the ability to notify surrounding phones about either phrases or change of emotions using the Pebble Watch as a nonverbal remote. We've changed directions since but kept the idea of using the Pebble Watch to control functions on Android phones. In the end, we wanted to make something to simplify and smoothen the process of opening Android applications.

How it works

The Android application allows the user to select up to two applications at a time. These applications have the ability to be opened by turning the Pebble Watch. The Android device must install the PebbleControl app before being able to use the watch. Once installed and synched, the watch sends the phone its position using its built-in accelerometer. This tells the Android app what the current orientation of the watch is. From there, the phone will determine if the position of the watch is within the pre-determined range of acceptable bounds. If it is, the corresponding application will be opened; if the watch is turned left, the application set to the left slot will be triggered; if the watch is turned right, the right slot will be triggered.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the Pebble API and manipulating it to send data to the Android device using its accelerometer. Additionally, we had difficulty with using CloudPebble and the Pebble app itself. It was a challenge to debug errors from the Pebble because the compiling errors were often cryptic or unclear. Formatting the incoming data from the watch to be useful in the Android environment. Data coming in from the watch needed to be converted into a more useful format before use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting CloudPebble to sync with our phone Creating an Android user interface

What I learned

How to utilize Services in an Android app A lot of useful information can be found in corresponding APIs

What's next for PebbleControl

Utilize more directional input (for more application slots) Increase application selection for the slots Add feedback from the application to the watch itself after successfully opening an application

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