The main devices that we were interested in were the Pebble Watch and the Inboard. Unable to decide which device to develop an application for, we decided to create an application for both. The Inboard by itself, has no turn signal functionality whatsoever, and so we came up with the idea of innovating a device which implements the Arduino Micro, a bluetooth module, LEDs, and the PebbleWatch to create turn signal functionalities.

What it does

The app PebbleBoard has two functions: turn signals and battery indicator. Using sensors on the Pebble Watch, the user can use arm signals to light up an led on the right side or the left side -- indicating where the user want to turn in traffic (exactly like arm signals when driving a car).

How we built it

The template of the PebbleBoard project consists of an Arduino Micro, Bluetooth module, battery, and led lights. We connect these devices through wires which will be put on the InBoard -- or any type of skate board. Coding is done and inputted in the Arduino, and the Arduino communicates with the Bluetooth module, which then talks to the Pebble watch.

Challenges we ran into

Bluetooth functionality was the main problem. Programming Bluetooth in JavaScript.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Pebble API using CloudPebble

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out the Pebble API using CloudPebble and we also figured out the Bluetooth conversions

What's next for PebbleBoard

Interface improvements for the application. Implementation of the application in newer generations of Pebble watches. For example, since we only have the first generation Pebble watch, the application is in black and white. We can implement color for newer generations of Pebble watches.

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