Remember those cold days when you don't feel like getting off your comforter to turn on and off the lights in your room? And those days when you see that the lights in your room were on all day when you were off to work?

What it does

You no longer have to be at home or anywhere near your device to control them. Just speak to your Pebble and it does it all for you!

How We built it

We used pebble dictate api to listen to the users request and transcribe it to text. We parsed this text in our android app and made UI changes. We further made POST calls to photon cloud which is connected to devices at home to turn them on or off according to the users requests.

Challenges we ran into

Pebble Dictate api is very new and it was recently been released for third party app developers and we found it hard to work with it as it was still buggy and required a lot of work arounds.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We finished what we aimed at and came out with our first prototype within our goal time. This is our first pebble and photon app and this is the first of its kind app which uses pebble dictate to control devices.

What we learned

Developing apps with pebble, Photo and Android. And also how much fun it is work as a group:P

What's next for Pebble_Dictate_IOT

We have a lot in mind. We plan to have a web portal using windows azure so that we can scale our product. We also plan to provide better hardware. May be make relay shields for photon to make it easier to control your devices easily. Also plan on making a better second prototype for our android app and also having a UI to show the status of the devices on the pebble app.

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