Pebble Bop

Bop-it for the Pebble watch. HackSC 2014.


Press the select (middle) button to start the game.

Press the up button to start practice mode, down button to exit practice mode.

Do the action prompted. Prompts become faster each round. When you lose, your score is displayed.

  • Bop = up/down
  • Pull = left/right
  • Twist = rotate wrist


Needs the Pebble 2.0 SDK.

You can either compile/push the application from the Cloudpebble service, or from the terminal with the pebble script.

pebble build
// pair pebble w/ phone, phone and comp on same ip
pebble install --phone <ip>
// pair pebble with comp
pebble install --pebble_id <bt mac of pebble>

See here for more info


Rex Xu, University of Southern California

Matt Chan, University of California, San Diego

Jesus Garcia, University of Southern California

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